Technical Association of Hungarian Paper and Printing Industry
Papír- és Nyomdaipari Műszaki Egyesület, abbreviated as PNYME

Our Association founded at 1948 is a technical knowledge based organization. It is a member of Federation of Technical and Scientific Societies (MTESZ), existing as a nonprofit unaffiliated organization. This is a voluntary junction of experts, technical and financial staffs as well as engineers working within the fields of the paper-, printing industry, book- and newspaper publishing, conservation and paper distribution. The costs covering the activities and periodicals are covered by individual’s and corporate membership fee, by fees supporting the events and by advertisements in the periodicals. The targets of it are: to support the development of technical and scientific knowledge of the Association’s membership and to be a central information source of the experts working in the fields of print media and economy.
Its activities are: organizing of symposia, conferences, teaching and education courses, meetings and study trips at home and also in foreign countries and to be a forum for providing most modern and update information for members and other experts of the industry. 
It has continuous international connections with foreign scientific and developing institutions, as a member of iarigai, ATypl, EUCEPA, IPC and other international organizations since many decades. 
It is a publisher of two technical-scientific professional papers for the experts of printing and papermakers: Magyar Grafika (=Hungarian Graphic Arts) and Papíripar (=Paper Industry) and of Hírlevél (=Newsletter). (In 2012 Vol. LV years.)
Published annually six turn out “Magyar Grafika” and four of “Papíripar”. And monthly of “Newsletter” on line. Copies are published in format B/5, full (4+4) colours. Editor in Chief Magyar Grafika: Viktória Faludi and Papíripar: Dr. László Koltai.
The papers are published for legal and individual members of the Association and subscribers, member and non-member companies and for domestic and foreign partner organizations, research and developing institutions, high schools and universities, libraries and museums - on basis of reciprocity. 
Three-thirds of our individual members are still working. The paper section has ca 300, the printing – converting section ca. 850 members.
PNYME organized its conferences, symposiums and training programs on countryside yearly with ca 1 400 -1 500 participants of ca 100 - 120 companies. 
Regular annual programs of our Association are as follows: Iterary Congress of the Printers, Fehérmíves Days („White Workmanship” Days of the Papermaker), Paper Converting Days, Flexo Symposia, Consultation of Printer Maintenance experts, Forum about the Quality, “János” Celebration Day of the Paper and Printing Industry (Johannes Gutenberg memory), Forum of Bookbinders, Day of the Hungarian Science and Forum of Young graduates.

Chairman of the Association (In a period 2017-2020)
Endre Fábián (Managing Director of the STI Petőfi Kft. Kecskemét)
Phone: +36-76-510-242 Fax: +36-76-320-503
Mobil: +36-30-955-6759
E-mail: endre.fabian@sti-group.com

1135, Budapest XIII. Tahi u. 53-55 (Tahi Center Building)
Phone: +36-1-783-0347 
Fax: +36-1-780-6460
E-mail: pnyme@pnyme.hu

Managing Director:
Sándor Pesti 
Cell phone: +36-30-948-6381
E-mail: pesti@pnyme.hu

Taxation number: 19815929-2-41
Bank: OTP Bank Nyrt.
Bank account numbers: 
IBAN EUR:   HU33 11763134-33444880-00000000
IBAN HUF:   HU60 11713177-21450792-00000000
EU tax reg. number: HU 19815929

Website: www.pnyme.hu

Working hours of the Secretariat are adjusted to the programmes of the Association but generally from Monday to Thursday from 09.00 to 15.00, on Friday from 09.00 to 12.00 we are at the disposal of our members.

Papír- és Nyomdaipari Műszaki Egyesület - Alapítva 1948
Székhely: H-1114 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 41. fszt. 6.
Telefon: 30/927-8317 E-mail: titkarsag@pnyme.hu
Szaklapjaink: Magyar Grafika - Papíripar - Kenőpapír

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